00: Network Marketing Mastery Intro and What to Expect

This is the launch episode for the network marketing mastery podcast. In this episode you’ll learn a little about the direction the podcast is going to go in moving forward, who will be best served by the content, a little about Matt Hall and a basic overview of the importance of working on your mindset, skillset and toolset.


OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:37] Who is the network marketing mastery podcast for?
  • [0:58] Components of success in network marketing (mindset, skillset, toolset).
  • [2:15] Who is Matt Hall?
  • [4:20] A sincere thank you!
  • [4:27] A gift for you – chance to get 10 free Go Pro books by Eric Worre CLICK HERE for details.
  • [6:52] Where to find the show notes for each new podcast episode.
  • [7:20] Invitation to tune in to Episode 1