01: How to Master Your Life by Mastering Your Mind

In today’s episode I break down how to master your life by mastering your mind. The creation equation for all results in our lives is that our CIRCUMSTANCES trigger our THOUGHTS which create our EMOTIONS which drive our ACTIONS which create our RESULTS.

As you learn to observe yourself thinking in all circumstances of your life, you’ll discover that you can actually choose to accept or reject your initial thought about that circumstance and by doing so alter the rest of the equation completely. Circumstances around you absolutely DO NOT dictate your results in life. YOU get to be the author of your actions and the creator of your ideal life. Take responsibility for this truth and work on yourself every day.

OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 1!
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  • [2:19] Invite to join the Network Marketing Mastery Facebook Group.
  • [4:54] Master your life by mastering your mind.
  • [5:59] Shout out to Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.
  • [6:39] Circumstances -> thoughts -> emotions -> actions -> results  (creation equation).
  • [11:52] How to change the results you’re getting.
  • [14:32] Invite to go deeper into this concept with this free webinar training.
  • [15:08] Real everyday life example watching and changing your thoughts, emotions, actions and results.
  • [19:00] Learn how to watch yourself think.
  • [11:52] How to change the results you’re getting
  • [20:24] Wrapping things up / repeating announcements
  • [21:14] Invite to listen to Episode 2


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