03: Why and How to Use 3rd Party Tools to Build Your MLM business


In today’s episode I share with you my thoughts on the importance of using third party tools in your network marketing business. Third party tools help you keep the teaching process simple and duplicable while still leveraging the knowledge of experts in your companies industry.


OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 3!
  • [0:36] Invite to subscribe, rate and review the podcast / Go Pro books giveaway – CLICK HERE for details.
  • [1:32] What is a 3rd party tool?
  • [2:09] Why it is so crucial to use 3rd party tools in your MLM business.
  • [6:02] Different kinds of 3rd party tools network marketers can use.
  • [8:34] Invite to join the Network Marketing Mastery Facebook Group.
  • [9:06] Closing Announcements
  • [9:30] Invite to listen to Episode 4 about the pipeline principle and the power of residual income (MINDSET)