05: The “Hot Market Approach” Perfect For The New Distributor Launching in MLM

In todays episode I Share with you a technique that is called the hot market approach. This is a powerful way for new builders to launch their MLM businesses. Your hot market is different from your warm market or cold market. Your cold market are people that you don’t really know or have a connection with. Your warm market are really your friends and family. Your hot market are the people that if you were stranded on the side of the road somewhere and needed a lift, these are the people you would call. Usually your hot market is made up of i’d say 20 – 40 people. These are usually the people a new distributor is the most nervous about approaching because they don’t want to seem salesy. If this is you, this episode will really help you out.

The actual approach is just sending two texts. Make sure to listen to the podcast episode ot know how best to use this strategy and when it is appropriate but here are the texts you can send word for word (just fill in your company information):

Text 1: 

“Uncle ________ it’s your nephew _________, I’ve just started a home business, I could really use your help. It’s simple quick and easy can you text me back to find out how?” 

Person will answer with something like” “Sure how can I help?”

Text 2:

“Just started the business, not asking you to join it, but over the next 30 days I need 15-20 trial consumers who will buy my product one time, try it and give me complete and honest feed back. I have _________ products it’s $________. If you love it I can get you a discount price, if you don’t you never have to buy it again but either way this will help me market and succeed. Can I count on you to be one of my first 15-20 customers?” 

The beauty of this approach is that it takes pressure off of the prospect but still gives them a clear reason to try your products – to help you out! These people want to help you succeed and if you use this exact template you’ll definitely get your first customers and they’ll be excited to help you out! Make sure to listen to the whole episode to get more tips on using this hot market technique.

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OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 5!
  • [0:39] Invite to subscribe, rate and review the podcast / Go Pro books giveaway – CLICK HERE for details.
  • [1:05] Invite to join the Network Marketing Mastery Facebook Group.
  • [1:44] Getting vulnerable with you =)
  • [2:25] Overview of the Hot Market Approach
  • [2:53] Cold Market vs Warm Market vs Hot Market
  • [4:16] Word for word scripts for approaching your hot market.
  • [7:43] Why this approach is so powerful for a new MLM distributor!
  • [9:44] Invite to listen to Episode 6 where I share my favorite online tool for building my team online.