08: The Art of Edifying and Why You Need to Master it in Your Business

In todays episode I talk about the art of edifying. Edifying is an important and valuable skill to learn when you’re new to network marketing. As you can see in the image below, you naturally have a relatonship of trust with your prospects. What happens when you edify whoever is presenting at your event or on a three way phone call with you, is it establishes credibility for your upline in the eyes of your prospect. It also increases YOUR credibility as the upline edifies you back. This is an important skill and one you’ll master over time. Just remember to be genuine, real and highlight what you love and admire about your upline. =)

MLM Credibility Triangle

OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 8!
  • [0:38] What does it mean to edify your upline (and be edified back)?
  • [1:23] Why the skill of edifying your upline is so important.
  • [2:03] The credibility triangle (as seen above)
  • [3:03] In the beginning you need to connect your prospect with someone who is having success
  • [4:30] Don’t hype, be genuine and real!
  • [5:17] How to edify the presenter
  • [6:00] What attributes can and should you highlight about your upline?
  • [8:40] Invite to listen to Episode 9 all about online tools and strategies to build your MLM business.