10: What Are You Making it Mean?

Hello my friend! In this Mindset episode of the Network Marketing Mastery podcast I share with you how this simple question helps me to break through limiting beliefs and negativity on a daily basis. Too many people are letting their minds run on autopilot without a second thought.

The problem is that often times our minds don’t really know what’s best for us. You would not let a toddler run around unsupervised with sharp dangerous objects, so why would you leave your mind unsupervised with negative thoughts about yourself? You see, we have evolved as humans to always seek comfort instead of discomfort. And nothing is more comfortable to our brains than being right about something.

Now where this gets a little weird is that even if what our minds are automatically choosing to be right about hurts us, the mind will still seek to prove itself right! Just like a toddler is totally happy to play with sharp pointy objects that could cause them extreme harm. A lot of the time we are childlike in our subconscious beliefs. Your brain will look for, and even create evidence so your beliefs about yourself and the world end up correct. Consider it a kind of short-circuit in the system. So how can we observe ourselves think and not get caught up in negative or false beliefs that could sabotage our success and happiness in life?

Here’s the key: Whenever you feel a negative emotion building up inside you, ask yourself “What thought about what circumstance in my life is causing me to feel this way right now?” Then you’ll be able to identify the circumstance and ask yourself “What am I making it mean?” and more importantly “What do I WANT to make it mean?”. Remember your life circumstances are always neutral, not inherently negative or positive. It’s what you make them mean that matters! You do not have to let your mind run around with sharp pointy objects, acting out on autopilot. It’s time to take control of your most valuable tool once again my friend. Your mind =)

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OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 10!
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  • [1:01] Reach out to me personally and let me know how you’re liking the podcast and if you’d like to see anything else specifici?
  • [2:22] What are you making it mean?
  • [3:53] How are beliefs formed?
  • [6:23] How does this show up in network marketing?
  • [12:47] Explore this idea more by watching this free training: www.MattMindset.com/webinar
  • [13:42] Invite to listen to Episode 11 all about the skill of telling your story. =)

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