100: You’re Not Alone – Vulnerability

One of the huge benefits of building a network marketing business is that the company has an incredible infrastructure already built in! You as an independent rep don’t have to worry about fulfillment, product development, commissions etc…

You also don’t have to go it alone! But is that really a benefit?

Some critics say that they don’t like the idea of being dependent on the efforts of other people.

I have two responses to that argument:

  1. You are the main driver of success in your business. When you learn the skills to build your business you will not be dependent on any one persons success.
  2. I think there is actually incredible power in the collaboration that happens with a volunteer army of network marketing distributors. It breeds creativity, loyalty, trust, passion and so much more.

Entrepreneurship has been widely talked about lately as being the “better way”. But at the same time we know that 1 in 3 entrepreneurs suffers from depression. Read this article for a more in depth understanding of why.

The community aspect of network marketing can be a double edge sword. And we get to choose which way the blade swings. It can either cut through depression as we choose to rally together in community and support each other through the struggles of building a business OR that community can become a breading ground for pressure, high expectation and depression.

The key I think is Vulnerability.

We as a community need to be open about our struggles, support each other through the hard times and be transparent about the difficulties that exist while building a network marketing business.

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All best my friends!

P.S. as an example of vulnerability and transparency: My wife and I did a really epic road trip for our team a couple weeks ago. We did events every single night. Some were amazing but guess what? One totally canceled on us WHILE WE WERE DRIVING THERE (keep in mind this is in another state than where we live…) and another event was a total no show… Now the good greatly outweighed the bad, but those days were hard. It sucked and we keep moving anyway. You can too when things suck for you đŸ˜‰