101: Who to Focus Your Time With For Rapid Growth

It’s funny because when you first start building your network marketing business you’ll be just CRAVING someone that is ready and wanting to build with you. I remember thinking “I’ll work with anyone that will join my team”!

And I actually don’t think that’s a bad approach at all in the beginning.

In today’s episode I share my thoughts around how to support your entire team while really locking arms and running with those individuals that are ready to run and make things happen.

The 80/20 Rule is Real in Network Marketing Too!

The 80/20 rule in network marketing says that most likely 80% of the actual sales and production of your team is directly due to the efforts of just 20% of the people in your team. I’ve seen this to be true in my business and in the business of those I coach.

As your business scales make sure that you have systems in place that everyone can plug into. aka Weekly team calls, monthly trainings, a database of FAQ’s about the products and business, maybe a facebook group etc… collaborating with your upline and downline to make these resources available will make it so ANYONE call be successful even if they don’t get a ton of your personal time. Remember that you can only stretch yourself in so many directions and you too should be focused on inviting, presenting and enrolling new people.

Listening to the full episode you’ll learn how to focus where energy is flowing, the importance of the LAUNCH of new builders, and how to master taprooting (more deeply discussed in episode 38).

Have a fantastic day!

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