8 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

People follow people who know where they are going! It’s a fact…

If go up to a friend with your eyes shifting from side to side, shoulders hunched over and say “I found an opportunity”… I doubt the conversation will end with them joining your team.

Confidence, body language and communication are crucial!

Get in a peak state before you begin

I love the quote “Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does”. If you want an specific interaction to go well, make sure that you play out in your mind the success of the interaction before it happens. Notice I didn’t say just play it out in your mind. SEE before hand in your mind how things could go right! That will get you acting from a place of power, passion and confidence.

Quick confidence check in

Do you believe that your business is the best option for people you’re introducing it to? 

You are selling people on your products and your business. If you are not confident that your business is an amazing option for them, why should they be? Get clear, get excited!

Do you believe that you are the best person to guide them to success?

Why should they join you? What is so special about you? There are reasons that people are meant to work with you specifically. Take time to find your strengths and act from a place of confidence.

8 Tips to boost your self confidence:

  1. Keep your vision at the front of your mind daily. You can do this by using one of these tools:
  2. Read or listen to company success stories every single day – Creates a “new normal”
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Get results – even small victories
  5. Shift your body language – shift your physical state to shift your emotional state
  6. Avoid negative people
  7. Embrace failure as feedback go back and check out Episode 1 and “What are you making it mean”
  8. Be prepared! practice presentations, conversations etc…

I believe in you. But YOU need to believe in you for others to believe in you.

Remember people only follow those who know where they are going!

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