Wake Up Call – Get Moving!

In today’s episode you’re going to learn about the difference between massive action and passive action.

Be warned, I do go on a semi rant thingy in this episode. I was feeling it! =)

I’m currently writing from Orlando where we’re at a leadership event so this weeks show notes will be weak… But here are the links I mentioned on the episode:

Episode 4 –┬áThe Pipeline Principle and Residual Income


To build your pipeline make sure that you focus on these core activities:






The most important of these five are the I, P and E. Invite, Present and Enroll!

I talk a lot in this episode about overcoming your excuses and the fact that you are not special! And what I mean by that is that there is someone out there in THE SAME or WORSE circumstances than you who is succeeding despite (Concept cred to Ray Higdon for that one).

Here is a list ways that you can find new people to talk to about your network marketing products or opportunity. To listen to the episode just search on the site or type in www.mattmindset.com/(enter the number of episode here) for example episode 5 would be at www.mattmindset.com/5

Episode 5 – No pressure approach to succeed with friends and family
Episode 15 – Mastering your personal Facebook profile
Episode 18 – Success on Instagram
Episode 93 – 6 figure income on Instagram without a single family or friend joining!
Episode 20 – Booth or Expo
Episode 24 – Meetup
Episode 36 – Facebook ads
Episode 33 – Funnels
Episode 69 – Live video w/ Bob Heilig

You can build a business from behind a phone if you want! Just go out and take action!

Much love!

PS If you’re feeling stuck or blocked in your business. I highly recommend you checkout this free webinar I did recently on how to mentally CRUSH your limiting beliefs! =)


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