How To Create Viral Social Media Content

Can you imagine what it would feel like for a piece of content that you created, to go viral and be seen my millions of people? What if there were a formula to help you get post after post after post to really take off on social media.

Today’s episode will help you do just that!

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Duy of Sports Dad Hub and

In our interview (full video training/interview available over at Online Network Marketing Mastery) Kevin broke down his viral meme formula.

Here is one example of a meme Kevin created that went viral on his facebook page Sports Dad Hub:

Pretty incredible results right?!

Kevin gave a ton of great tips in the interview and even more examples of successful posts but his skill is to create content that really resonates with a specific niche group of people.

If you’re not already building an audience online, I encourage you to listen to this episode and then ask yourself these questions: “Who is my ideal audience?” and “How can I build a community of these people online?”

If you want access to the full interview I did with Kevin you can check it out at !


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