Location Independence / Conversations of Possibility With MLM

In today’s episode you’ll hear me share some of our plans to travel over the next couple years with our family. One of the amazing benefits of network marketing is that you can build an income that is residual AND location independence!

Meaning you can do it from ANYWHERE in the world.

This is really just one benefit of many of growing a network marketing business. Sometimes when people try to transmit the message of what their business could do for people, they start to hype up the opportunity.

Hype vs Passion

Hype turns people off and often turns them away.

It IS important that you have passion, but try to have more sincere conversations around the possibilities that your business are bringing into your own life and others. I explore how to do this further in the episode.

Avoiding hype really comes down to avoiding what so many do – they over promise and under deliver…

Opening a Closed Mind

Understand that most people are not against what you are doing, they are just locked into a routine way of living and thinking. To open a closed mind, i’ve found that nothing works better than conversations of possibility.

Try this approach next time you are having a conversation about what it is you do, or what’s going on in your life!

All best,

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