6 Keys to Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

In todays training you’ll learn 6 essential tips to create duplication in your network marketing organization. Duplication is one of the most important aspects of your business. The beauty of network marketing is that we can duplicate ourselves in others and get paid to grow people and teams. =)

Key #1 Keep things simple

You want people to look at you and think “I could do that”!

You goal is never┬áto impress people, it’s to impress upon people that they can do what you’re doing and reach their goals using your company.

Key #2 Have fun and enjoy your business

You also want people to think “I’d LOVE to do that”!

Have fun in your business and never take yourself too seriously. =)

Key #3 Do and duplicate what works

The famous network marketing quote “It doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates” is not exactly true. Almost anything can be duplicated in taught correctly. Plug into your companies system of training and way of building, but don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and duplicate what works down into your team!

Key #4 Have a solid launch plan for the beginner

It’s crucial that you have a simple yet strong launch plan for each person that gets started in your business. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel in the beginning. Stick to what’s working for most people in your company and have your newbies do the same!

Key #5 Keep producing

Don’t let yourself fall into manager mode. People will do what you do. They will follow your feet not your lips, so make sure that you show with your actions what others should be doing.

Key #6 Communicate often with your builders and keep them close to the fire!

Communicate to people their potential so clearly that they begin to see it in themselves! Stay in frequent communication with those who are building on your team!

Keep rocking your biz!