Schedule Your Success With These 3 Simple Tools

One of the things I love most about network marketing is that I don’t have a boss!

The freedom of WHEN I want to work, HOW I work, WHERE I work is all up to me!

But for some of us this freedom can also come at a cost. There is often a looser level of accountability in this profession than we would have at a job. So what do you do? Start by understanding that your Schedule is our boss!

If you don’t have scheduled when you’re going to introduce new people to your business, when you’re going to follow up, when you’re going to mentor etc… things will likely fall through the cracks. AND if you don’t have any presentations scheduled it’s unlikely you’re going to grow…

So here are three simple tools I use daily to stay organized and schedule for success:

  1. Calendar App or Planner – Make sure not only that you HAVE a calendar (most phones come with one automatically installed) but that you USE it religiously to schedule your success!
  2. Use Alarms – One of the ways we stay organized is by setting alarms for the specific activities that we’re doing within the day. Don’t be afraid to get really specific with your alarms. If you’re working for 3 hours, block out specific time for outreach, follow-up etc…
  3. – we’ve been using this tool to schedule our intro calls with people, mentoring sessions etc… Using this tool you avoid wasting your time and texts asking “so what does your schedule look like?” or “When are you free?”

Use these simple tools and tips and SCHEDULE YOUR SUCCESS my friends! =)