Commit Yourself – Start Starting and Stop Stopping

How committed are you?

Commitment manifests in a lot of different ways; consistency, patience, massive action etc…

The Biggest Key to success in Network Marketing

This last weekend I was at a leadership event with a distributor who has built a team of over 3 million people!

Guess what his #1 tip for success was: “Start starting and stop stopping”

Too many people quit too often. Not that they throw in the towel and say “i’m done, I quit”, but their activity shows that they’ve given up half way through the month or by half way through the day. Momentum comes from continual effort! Effort comes from commitment!

And having this patient dedication is not only for you to stay in the game but ALSO to help you get results.

People can smell your level of commitment from a mile away. And always remember that people work with people who know where they are going!

Gary Vaynerchuk Network Marketing Applicable Advice

If you’ve never seen or heard of Gary Vaynerchuk he’s an online personality and a beast entrepreneur. I find myself relating a lot of what he teaches to my business.

The other day I heard him answer someones question about how to have success at what they were doing. He said: “Macro patience, micro speed”. 4 words. =)

He then went on to talk about how anything meaningful takes time to build and that you have to have patience with your work over the long term, while sprinting through your day to day work. I loved that he highlighted that patience alone is not enough, there needs to be a sense of urgency DAILY to pull you into activity mode.

Listen to today’s full episode for more advice on patience and commitment!
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