1. Is this even legal? #Skeptical

Like many others, it’s very possible you had a certain amount of skepticism when you were first introduced to network marketing. Maybe you had heard negative things from people who had previously “tried” the business model and didn’t have the success they expected. Multi-level Marketing is definitely not a get rich quick and easy scheme. The truth is that it does take hard work and consistency. Put in the effort though and it’s a powerful way to create leverage that results in more value for the world and residual income for you!

2. Starry Eyed Can’t Sleep at Night!

You’ve been there right? You met a leader in your company who is making a 5 or 6 figure monthly income in their businesses and it immediately crushed your paradigm for what your potential is. Sometimes this stage comes back even after building this business for a few years. You lay down with your head spinning about the impact you can make on the world through this profession.

3. This Will Never Work For Me

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - This Will Never Work For Me

So you come out the gate sprinting! You passionately share your products with one of your closest friends and they say: “You’re doing one of those things?” CRUSHED… Doubt comes flooding in. You start to wonder “Is this really for me?” If someone you love so much doesn’t approve, is it still worth doing? So many of us have felt this. Don’t let your first rejections deter you. You are doing something meaningful and some people will take a bit longer to come around. And guess what, some never will! And that’s okay. =)

4. Everyone Wants This. I’m Going to be a Millionaire!

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - I'm Going to be a Millionaire

And then you sign up YOUR FIRST PERSON!!! You are on FIRE. =) Your belief skyrockets when you get that fast start check in the mail and you realize what? That it works! With your belief and confidence at an all time high you realize that the next logical step is to build an empire and become a millionaire. #easy

5. This is NOT a Pyramid Scheme!!! #DefensiveMode

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - It is NOT a Pyramid Scheme

This stage can come on with a vengeance (at least it did for me). Maybe because of all of those previous rejections and people calling what you do a “pyramid thingy” you get a bit defensive. If you are in this stage you might find yourself spitting things like “do you even know what a pyramid scheme is?” or maybe you’ll just feel your blood pressure rise a bit or hear a little more attitude in your voice. Just take a deep breathe when people say that nasty P word. Don’t worry, this phase will pass.

6. Check Your Back Office Every 15 Minutes Just In Case!

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Check your back office every 15 minutes just in case

Okay okay you CAN NOT tell me you’re not guilty of this one haha. Doing that passive action thing of hitting the refresh button on your back office over and over telling yourself you’re working… You’re not. =) Get back out there and engage in the income producing activities that will build your business… And you can still check it once or twice a day.. 😉

7. The World Needs to Know!

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Shout It From The Rooftops

This is a fun place to be. You’ve started to earn a pretty good monthly income. Maybe $500, $1000 or even $2000 per month! Your life has been changed. The mom of the family is able to quit her job or your check is now covering your car payment or mortgage. You’ve seen hundreds of people benefit in profound ways from your products or service and you WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW all the gloriousness that comes from network marketing. This is a beautiful place to live =)

8. Personal Development Addict

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Personal Development Addict

Ooooh boy this one is good. If you’re not this person, you have one of these on your team. These are the people that are constantly recommending that LIFE CHANGING BOOK! They are going to seminars and workshops and have a life coach, business coach, health coach, and personal yoga guru supporting them in their growth.

9. Law of Attraction Guru

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Law of Attraction Guru

In this stage you have evolved into THE law of attraction guru. Your old self has been through a cocoon like experience and you have emerged as a beautiful butterfly who attracts everything you want into reality.. You start to speak in affirmations, walk with abnormally good posture and of course you host vision board parties every other weekend.

10. Motivational Speaker

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Motivational Speaker

You have presented at a few larger events and you feel like THE man or THE woman. People are telling you how much you have changed their life. You’re seriously considering taking on motivational speaking as a second career.

11. Network Marketing Pro

11 Stages Every Network Marketer Goes Through - Network Marketing Pro

You are a network marketing professional when you have memorized the entire Go Pro book, live by its teachings and have even thought about shaving your head to look like Eric Worre… But you didn’t… Because that would not be very duplicable.

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