My Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing

In today’s episode you are going to get my personal thoughts and experience with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a way to generate revenue by recommending products or services that you use. When you sign up as an affiliate for a product, the company of that product will typically give you a specific link that when your referrals purchase through will trigger an automatic payout to you! Pretty cool right?

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

Now, while affiliate marketing is fantastic and a great way to earn some side money while serving your followers and team on a deeper level, I don’t think you should pursue affiliate marketing as your primary revenue channel, just a fun side benefit!

Network marketing is by far a stronger place to create lasting residual income and to create scale and momentum!

How do affiliate marketing companies work?

There are all sorts of different affiliate marketing programs. Some will pay you the commission if the person you referred buys within 30 days of clicking on your specific link, others it’s 60 days.

Some programs are a one time commission while others are lifetime recurring as long as the person is paying for a service.

A simple affiliate marketing example:

A good example of a recurring affiliate product is Aweber. Aweber is the company I prefer and use for my autoresponder and email service provider. It’s essentially where I store my email leads and send out broadcast emails all at once or create drip campaigns. Here is my custom aweber link if you want to check them out:

If I know someone on my team is wanting to send monthly newsletters to their leads or team, or if they are generating leads online I refer them to aweber because it’s the service I use and love. Instead of them having to hunt for a good option, they get to trust the recommendation of a friend with experience and I get a 30% recurring commission each month on their payment.

You can see how this is a natural thing to recommend to my team or others in network marketing and very organically serve them on a deeper level while also generating extra income.

This is something you should do as well! I think all of you should sign up for and be an affiliate for Aweber. (ps did I mention it’s 100% free?)

The Easiest Place to Start With Affiliate Marketing

By far the easiest place to start as an affiliate is the Amazon Associates Program. You can literally refer ANY product on amazon and earn between 4-8%. That may not seem like much but it can really add up. =)

A good example of this program at work is my Resource Page where you can see I recommend some of my favorite network marketing books! These are books that I would recommend ANYWAY to my team and other network marketers. Why not serve them on a deeper level by giving them a direct link AND earn a commission in the process. Kind of a no-brainer right?!

I want to invite YOU!

I want to give you a ton more ideas and step by step framework to help you earn an extra $500 per month through Affiliate Marketing doing what you’re ALREADY doing! This is going to be my next training over at Online Network Marketing Mastery. Hop on over and register for my monthly free trainings if you haven’t already!

Always ask yourself how can I serve more people on a deeper level!

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