Rocking Your Network Marketing Team Facebook Group

A Facebook group is still probably the most common and best way to bring your team together online.

Should you start a Facebook group to support your network marketing team?

If you are just beginning your business, I recommend you plug into your uplines existing group. Managing a group can take a lot of time and effort and if you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, why do it. 😉

If you have a semi large team and feel like you can start a group and still have a lot of engagement, go ahead!
The last thing you want is to start a group and just hear crickets each time you post.

Here are several ways you can use your Facebook group to support your team:


  • Add new customers and builders with an image so they feel loved and know where they can ask their questions.
  • Post your weekly team call info in the group.
  • Post team call recordings for those who can’t make it live.
  • Host Facebook live Q&A calls.
  • Create a File within your group for FAQ’s.
  • Consider organizing pictures and screenshots in albums for easy reference.


  • Recognize builders when they rank advance.
  • Recognize top enrollers for the month.
  • Recognize builders who go the extra mile in some way. ex doing their first Facebook live or a booth/expo
  • Highlight first time attendees to a big event.
  • Recognize people who hit certain bonuses in your comp plan.


  • Consider doing an intro each month for your new customers.
  • Also consider doing an intro for your new builders.
  • Educate your team with team calls in your group.


  • Run challenges to introduce people to different products.
  • Run blitzes to get people moving. ex book classes, offer samples etc…
  • Post polls and quizes to educate and have fun =)

Take a couple of these ideas and take action!