The Online Blueprint For Growing Your Network Marketing Business

I always tell those who want to build their network marketing business online to come online out of strength, not weakness.

If you are unable to get any results offline first, I actually recommend that you master those skills first. The skill of inviting, presenting, enrolling, following up, etc…

But let’s assume you’re already getting some results in your business and you want to leverage the online world to get your message out in front of more people.

What are your next steps?

Step 1 – Get clear on your target market

First you’ll want to get crystal clear on who it is that you want to attract to your business. Who is your ideal customer? Think about their demographics, psychographics, and where do they spend their time online?

Knowing this is going to affect every aspect of your strategy from content to which platform to focus on.

Step 2 – Start creating quality content on 1 traffic channel consistently

My main channel for this brand has been my Podcast. I knew I was going to be limited with my time so I picked one channel and produced valuable content on a consistent basis to build up an audience.

Focusing on every platform can be overwhelming in the beginning so start by building a following on your main platform. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest etc… Where does your ideal customer spend the most time?

Step 3 – Create a giveaway and collect leads

Your email list is going to be your most valuable asset moving forward. 80% of my sales happen directly from people on my email list!

As you build your following have a giveaway in place that you can use to collect leads. To learn about the tools we use for this process check out Episode 9 of the podcast.

Step 4 – Start repurposing your content onto other platforms

After you start getting traction on your main traffic channel, consider diversifying your reach by repurposing your content on different platforms.

A Facebook live video for example could be downloaded and uploaded to Youtube, have a blog post written around it etc…

Remember that your #1 focus is always going to be to build your email list.

Step 5 – Start making money

After you’ve done all these things is when you’re likely to see consistent sign ups happening from your online efforts. Don’t give up too early! 😉

Different ways you can monetize include; your network marketing business (obviously), affiliate marketing, digital products etc…

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