What to do if You Just Suck at Network Marketing

Sometimes people come to me and ask if I think they should quit. Their business has slid back, or they’ve been stuck in a rut and they want some direction.

Maybe you’ve had an experience and wondered the same thing. Should I quit?

If you are considering quitting here are two questions for you to ask yourself: 

  1. Is it working?
  2. Do I still believe in it?

If you said “YES” to question 1 and “YES” to question 2…

You’re probably not the person asking this question, but just in case… Of course you shouldn’t quit!

If you said “YES” to question 1 and “NO” to question 2…

Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s the best place to spend your time. If these are your answers, you might consider reflecting on why you don’t believe in it. Is it a lack of belief in yourself? if so, keep going. You will grow!

If it is a lack of belief in your product or the leadership of your company… Take a step back and ask yourself what you feel is right for you. This will be a hard decision but remember to always say in integrity with yourself.

If you said “NO” to question 1 and “NO” to question 2…

Maybe you should quit. Consider consulting with someone you love or a mentor/coach to see if your giving in to some limiting beliefs or if maybe you’re better suited for something else..

If you said “NO” to question 1 and “YES” to question 2…

This is where most people I talk to land. They belief in the company, the product, the mission, but are struggling. They feel stuck.

If this is you, my advice is simply to SKILL UP!

It’s normal to suck when you don’t have experience at something. You need to commit to mastery of the craft. It’s why I call my podcast Network Marketing Mastery!

If what you’re doing isn’t working, the formula isn’t usually to just go out and spend more time or work harder. You need to hone your skills! Sharpen the ax before you trying to cut down a forest of trees.

Here’s a little reality check to see if YOU need to step up, or just carry on:

If every builder in your business did what you did in your business last month, would you be growing?
How fast?

How many new people did you sign up? Did you help someone on your team teach home events or one on ones? What are your results looking like?

If you answered yes  – you’re on the right track, keep going!

If no – you may need to shift and improve your skills.

If your MLM business is not progressing, here are two recommendations:

Join our free mastermind: MattMindset.com/fb
Join a group of people from many different companies all committed to Network Marketing Mastery.

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That should get you started! 😉
All best,