How to Explode Your Momentum in Your Network Marketing Business

Momentum can be hard to achieve when you’re stuck in a rut.

I’ve found that if you are feeling stuck in your network marketing business, you need to do something outside of your comfort zone. You see, you can’t crawl out of a hole… you need to jump!

Here is the simple yet powerful formula that i’ve seen work again and again for creating momentum.

Book and fill 4 events in ONE WEEK

This is step one. You need to fill 4 events in one week with at least 8-10 people (I’ll share strategy to do this even if you feel you’ve “run out” of people to share with).

Most people who feel stuck are maybe doing 1 event per week.. usually more like 1 per month.

By jump starting your business with 4 successful events in 1 week, you can reignite your momentum or that of someone on your team.

Even if you’re not great yet at the skills you need for Network Marketing Mastery, you should be able to close a handful of those people if you’re product focused.

Schedule events from events

Your next step is to schedule events from those four events.

Offer some kind of hostess gift that people can walk away with that night if they book to host their own home event and invite their friends.

Remember you’re not committing these people to build your business, just offering them a killer prize for hosting a class. NEVER hold an event without booking a new one! This is a secret the big shots use to get the message of their products in front of OTHER peoples contacts!

What if I can’t fill 4 events?

I can read your mind and I already know this is most likely what you’re wondering!

Here are two suggestions…

  1. If you haven’t yet presented your products IN PERSON to 50 people that you know… go back over the how to invite episodes of this podcast and get it done. There really is no excuse.
  2. If you HAVE legitimately “run out of contacts” go out and leverage someone elses! Reach out to your friends that you KNOW could get a group of their friends together and offer them a free product or cash. There are a TON of people who may not be ready to commit to building a new business but would love free product or $50 extra for play money. Make it fun!
    Don’t be afraid to INVEST in getting in front of more people with your message. If you’re decent you should be able to make that money back either in that first event or in the second event you’ll be booking FROM that first event 😉 See how this works? Keep that ball rolling. =)

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Keep learning! Keep implementing!