Vision Board Hacks For Network Marketing Success

Vision boarding has become a common practice for shifting your mental state on a daily basis.

Chances are you already know WHY vision boards are beneficial (up leveling what you perceive as your normal and thus shifting the way you show up day to day). So my goal is to share a few ideas with you to help enhance your vision board experience.

Stop with your crazy collaging, your brain needs simplicity

When I came across Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements and his model for vision boarding I fell in love with the simplicity. Instead of creating a crazy collage that you can’t even absorb, choose 9 things that you want for your board. Some can be short term wants others can be long term.

Use painters tape to create a square on your wall and tape up 9 different goals. Here’s an idea for topics but be creative and make it your own:

vision board map

How to actually get results from a vision board

Instead of just staring blankly at a big wall of pictures of your future, be an ACTIVE participant with the vision board.

I know this may seem weird but doing these things helps the message sink past your Reticular Activating System (the brains filter of what’s important) and actually get you results.

  1. Increase the number of senses you are using.
    1. Speak your goals as you look at each picture. Something like “I want ______ so I create it!” or “I am ______ rank on or before ______ date”
    2. Hearing your future from your own voice is one of the most effective ways to show the brain it’s important to you!
    3. See it with greater intensity. Kirk recommends pointing at each picture with your finger close to your face like a kid would when you’re looking at your vision board.
  2. Change your volume to get your brain to focus
    Experiment using a loud voice, or whisper, or an epic voice to show the brain it’s important. Don’t be afraid to look a little crazy 😉 no one’s watching.
  3. Use background music (classical or some epic theme song) during your vision board time to enhance the experience

All of these are ways to increase the likelihood that your goals are actually going to sink into your subconscious and have an influence on your habits and activity.

Go create and start using your vision board today!

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