The Hall’s Top Failures and Setbacks

I thought it would be fun to take an episode and share some of our top failures in our business. I think it’s important that people getting into network marketing realize that they’re going to hit roadblocks and it’s a journey of failures that ultimately leads to success.

That would make a pretty cool quote:

MLM Failure Quote

If you are only shouting from the rooftops about how easy it is to have success in your company you’re missing out on something important. Vulnerability attracts people. ┬áIt shows them they can probably do what you’re doing too! It also prepares them so that WHEN things get hard for them in their business, they can and should press on.

So here’s a quick list of failures we’ve had in our business:

  • Hong Kong
  • Manger mode
  • Builders quitting
  • Leaders cross-line recruited from our team
  • Flying to another country and not signing anyone up
  • Flying to another state for no show class
  • and much much more

Listen to the episode for all the dirty details about our failures and setbacks so far in our business. =)

To failing forward!

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