4 Powerful Ways To Shift Your Language For Better Results

Today’s episode is inspired by Julian Treasure who has 5 published TED talks and is an expert on sound and language.

Here is one of Julian’s most famous TED talks: How to Speak so That People Want to Listen

Below I share with you 4 simple yet powerful ways to shift your language to get better results in your business and life.

1. Eliminate the word Should from your vocabulary

There is no productive use of the word should. Should is a filler word and shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. (did you catch that ;))

Example: Instead of saying “I should go talk to 5 people today about my products” say “I am going to talk to 5 new people about my products today.”

Example: Instead of saying to a builder “You should do an intro event next week” say “Will you commit to doing an intro event next week?”

There is far more power, certainty and action when you remove should from your language.

2. Eliminate the word Just from your vocabulary

Similar to the word should, just strips the power from your words and dilutes everything else you say after it.

Example: At the beginning of an event shift “I’d just like to start by sharing my story” to “I’d like to start by sharing my story”.

This is a simple change that makes a big difference in your perceived confidence level and others receptiveness to you and your message.

3. Replace the word but with and

But can almost always be replaced with and. When we use the word but it negates everything we said before the but in the mind of the listener.

Example: When teaching a team member how to improve their presentation you might shift from “I totally loved it, but I think next time you should do _______” to “I totally loved it, and next time I think it would be super powerful if you also did _________”.

Notice the difference in the energy of the statement my shifting the word but to and. =)

4. Stop overusing the phrase “I’m sorry”

Do you know that person who is a chronic apologizer? I’m sorry this… I’m sorry that…

If you over apologize here is the cure:

Replace I’m sorry with some expression of gratitude.

Example: If you show up a bit late to a meeting you might change “I’m sorry i’m late, I had to drop off my kids and ….” to “I’m so grateful for your patience. I’m excited to be here!”

See the difference in this example? Instead of making yourself look smaller with excuses, you’re making the other person feel bigger because of their patience! This changes the energy of the interaction in a big way.

Example: If you often teach a class with your baby wrapped to you (like we do) you might feel tempted to say “I’m so sorry I have to teach with my baby hopefully she’ll be quiet”. Instead consider “Wow I’m so grateful this kind of business allows me to be a rockstar mom and build an awesome business at the same time”.

Feel the difference?

These simple language shifts will not only change the way others react to you, but they will lift your feelings about your own life and experience.

Put them to the test! 😉

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