Use Facebook Live Like This to Grow Your MLM Business

I’m sure you like me have noticed that Facebook is prioritizing live video to the top of the news feed right now. If you have friends doing live videos you are likely seeing their posts as the first thing when you log into Facebook each day.

Facebook live is a POWERFUL tool to help you in your Network Marketing business IF you use it right.

The concept behind doing live video on Facebook

When you actively talk to people about your network marketing company products or opportunity you are doing something called:

Prospecting – think of prospecting as planting seeds! It’s rare that someone signs up in your business after just one exposure. You typically need to water the seed! aka follow up.

Creating online content is a great way to nurture your current and future prospects. Creating valuable online content is a form of:

Marketing – Think of your social media efforts as watering seeds! And think of Facebook Live as some kind of miracle growth water… because it is!

What should I talk about in my live videos?

The answer to this question is actually probably not going to be to talk directly about your company products.

You see, people join people. Yes you can drip in content about what it is you offer, but just get YOU in front of people more. You need more attention!

Start on your personal Facebook profile!

You could create live video around these topics:

  • Things that you’re good at (educate!)
  • Health and wellness
  • Marriage tips
  • What you’re learning in personal development
  • Behind the scenes peek into your life
  • Learn out loud!
  • Humor

Checkout the full podcast episode and video below for more tips around using Facebook live to grow your business.

Call to Action: Go create a live video TODAY! 

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