How to Close – Ray Higdon Style

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I recently had the awesome opportunity to watch Ray Higdon present about how to close. I thought I’d share his process and some of my notes from his presentation so here you go:

Myths Of Successful Closing

Here are 4 common myths about closing.

Myth 1. You need to be a hard closer

The truth is that if you try to manipulate or pressure someone into your business you might end up with a customer. But it will likely be a one time customer…

DO NOT miss out on the millions because you’re focused on some fast start bonus..

Residual income is built from returning customers. <3

Myth 2. You need to change who you are to close well

Nope. False. Wrong.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. So just be yourself. Insert your humor, be shy, be who you are just make sure you are direct and clear.

Myth 3. You need to stretch the truth

Hype and manipulation will turn people away big time. So don’t over hype your products or opportunity. Remember that the truth is ALWAYS good enough.

Myth 4. Great closers have no fear

Most people never see fear disappear. It just loses it’s power over them as they work through it over and over again.

Alright are you read for Ray Higdon’s simple closing script?

Ray Higdon Closing Script:

When approaching someone after a presentation, video or one on one simply ask:

“What did you like most about what you saw?”


***If they give a negative response:

“What were you hoping to see?”


“Oh well you may have missed … ” (insert something in the presentation that touched on their concern)

HINT: Shrug off objections (people usually bring up objections to gauge your response and see if they can trust you. act casual, not weird…)


***If you get a positive response to “What did you like most about what you saw?”

“I like that too, why is that important to you?”

“Interesting, tell me more” (dig deeper on that thing they liked – don’t offer up more positives! Keep the conversation simple)


“Sounds to me like you’re ready to get started.” (end phrase on a downward tone. not a questions)

That’s it! Pretty simple right?

Memorize this framework and use it next time you go to close. Remember to print this page out so you can practice the close process.

If you can master the close, everything else will be 10x easier in your business! =)

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