How to Gain Credibility Online Even When Nobody Knows You

In today’s episode we dive deep into a concern that a lot of people have when it comes to marketing online.

Most people I coach with have this little voice in their head that says “Who am I to teach _____ online. there’s someone better.” or it says something like “Nobody knows you online, how are you going to grow a following?”

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How to gain credibility online

Here’s the thing about the online world. It doesn’t discriminate!

The truth is that nobody cares as much about your accomplishments as they do about if you can or can’t help THEM get a result.

Did you know that the best coaches in sports were usually never the best players of the sport itself?

Coaching and playing are two very different skills.

When it comes down to it, if you can help others get a positive result from what you teach online, you can build a raving following of people who love you and want to follow you, learn from you, pay you etc… =)

Creating content to attract eyeballs

At the end of the day online what you want is attention.

Creating content that educates, inspires or entertains is the way to attract those eyes. But even then, if you don’t get the person behind those eyes some kind of a result they won’t stick around… let alone join your team, buy your products or pay you for coaching.

Be willing ot pay the price!

The price for online attention and a raving following is creating value and being patient!

A lot of network marketers I see online basically start a facebook page to share their company posts and expect that they should be able to build a following. But if that’s your approach you don’t really stand out from the 10,000 other distributors in your company doing the exact same thing.

The world does not just owe you their attention. You need to be BETTER or DIFFERENT in some way that attracts a specific group to you.

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Keep building, keep growing!