Common Sense is Not Always Common Practice

I think you’ll agree with me that “common sense is not always common practice”.

Most people know WHAT they need to do for success in network marketing. They even know HOW to do those things! But that doesn’t always mean they are doing them…

Tony Robbins once said that “Repetition is the mother of skill”

This is true for both physical skills and mental skills.

The message from today’s podcast is to practice┬áthe skills that will make you a better presenter, closer, recruiter etc…

Also don’t be afraid to listen to or read training that goes over the same skills over and over. You’ll notice that trainers like me often repeat some of the same things over and over.


Because “common sense is not always common practice”


“Repetition is the mother of skill”. =)

Did I mention that common sense is not always common practice and that repetition is the mother of skill? See what i’m doing there? lol ­čśë

Have a great day today my friend! Go learn and implement!


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