How to Build a Virtual Team – Nadya Melton Style

In today’s episode you’re going to learn how to build a virtual team to support your network marketing efforts online.

This episode was inspired by a presentation by personal branding expert Nadya Melton. You can check out more of her training HERE.

3 Types of Virtual Help

  1. Ongoing help – this would be like a virtual assistant, designer, book keeper etc…
  2. Project based help – temporary help building a website, landing page etc…
  3. Automated Software – to track your prospects progress, track expenses etc…

A few great virtual tools to find help

Upwork – this is a great place to find virtual assistants for hire with many different specialties. Often you can find someone for as little as 3 or 4 dollars per hour!

Project Management Tools – Trello, Podio and Asana are three different project management tools to track your prospects, organize tasks etc…

Taskrabbit – This is a great site to help you find people to do all sorts of tasks, usually around the home.

Fiverr – is one of my favorite websites and a great place to find people to online tasks for as little as $5. From creating infographics to designing an ebook or editing a video fiverr is a great resource!

Keep growing and keep producing my friends!