The 4 Stages of Competence in Network Marketing

In today’s episode of the Network Marketing Mastery podcast you’ll learn about the 4 stages of competency and how they relate to you as a leader in your network marketing company.

Stage 1 – Unconscious incompetence

At the first stage of competence you may not even realize that you are deficient in a skill required for your success.

To get out of this stage you simply become aware of the fact that you have some personal growth to do. =)

We are all unconsciously incompetent in something. So don’t be afraid to face the fact that you are incompetent. It doesn’t mean anything negative about you. If anything it means that you know how to get to the next level in life or business.

Stage 2 – Conscious incompetence

At this stage you know that you are lacking in a specific skill.

To get to the point where you’re competent in a new skill, you’ll need to learn more about that skill and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE until you become competent. =)

Stage 3 – Conscious competence

When you are consciously competent. You are able to successfully execute on your new skill (presenting, inviting, closing etc…) but it still takes you a large amount of mental effort.

As you continue to do and practice you’ll eventually get to stage 4…

Stage 3 is a great place to be for training and mentoring your team because you can see clearly the steps you are taking to be successful and can pass them down. =)

Stage 4 – Unconscious competence

At some point you’ll likely become unconsciously competent at your skill.

At this stage, it becomes practically second nature to you.

Be careful in this stage that you don’t forget that many of your team members are likely in the other 3 stages. Your role is to guide them through to competence. =)

Be aware of yourself and be aware of your team and where you are in your progression. =)

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