5 Specific Ways to Get More Prospects to Your Events

Nothing is more frustrating than preparing for an event. Inviting a bunch of people and then having no one show up…

Here are 5 specific ways to get more of your prospects to your events.

1 – Give them a sample of your product

Give them a sample of your product BEFORE you invite them to your event.

Nothing sells a product better than a product…

We typically buy things we’ve already been exposed to. Use your product to peak curiosity and start doing the heavy lifting for you!

2 – Assign them a task

Ask your friend for help in some way with the event! Here are a few ideas…

  • Ask for them to bring a treat.
  • Ask them to bring a friend
  • Ask them to come up with a get to know you game
  • Ask them to be the person you are demonstrating the products on

In short, having them planning on being an active part of the event will create a higher level of accountability.

3 – Shift the language of your invite

Episode 11 was all about effective inviting. Check it out =)

Quick script tip:
Instead of saying “Are you interested in _______” or “will you come to _______ event”

Start by asking “Are you open to learning more about ___________”

If they respond yes, tell them about the event and then ask “Will you come?”

Clear questions elicit clear responses and the more clear someone is with their commitment the more likely they’ll be to follow through.

4 – Create scarcity with physical invites

Handing out physical invites can be a great way to increase intimacy while creating a certain level of scarcity. Don’t be weird about it, but you could say:

“I only have 10 of these invites, and I really want you to come. If I give you this invite can I count on you coming for sure?”

5 – Post picture of how fun your events are!

Show the world how fun your events are and they’ll be excited to come to your next one! Remember people are always watching you and asking:

  • Could I do that? and
  • Would I WANT to do that?

Show them they can and WHY they would WANT to. Have fun in your business. =)

Happy inviting!