How to Take Stunning Photos With Your iPhone

Hey friends! Network marketers are notorious for posting all over social media about their products, business, team and more.

While I do not support you in spamming your feeds with photos of supplement containers or face cremes, I do think posting about your lifestyle and how your business fits into it is a good strategy (more on that in other episodes of the podcast ;)).

So here’s the thing about posting images…

Bad images make a bad impression. If you’re going to post poor quality images, you maybe just shouldn’t post at all.. But if you are going to hit that post button, you’ll find the iphone setting tips in today’s episode particularly useful.

(Also mentioned in this video – Affirmation cards from Quinn Curtis)

Tip 1 – Find good lighting

The best lighting hands down is natural light. If you can, look to take your images near a window or outside.

If you’re semi serious and want to do a lot of images and videos inside you might want to get a cheap lighting kit on amazon like what I got. =)

There are obviously way more fancy and expensive options out there. if you want to go that route, i’m not the one to give you advice.

Tip 2 – Properly set focus and exposure

Properly setting focus and exposure can take a bad lighting situation and make it workable.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to use these settings.

Essentially you’re going to tap on the screen and then drag your finger up and down to change the exposure.

If you want to lock the focus and exposure click and hold on your screen for a couple seconds.

Tip 3 – Use burst setting for action shots

When taking an action shot (like of a team member walking that red carpet woot woot) use the iPhones burst option.

To do this simply hold down the photo capture button for a few seconds while it takes a few dozen images.

Then choose which one is best.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions,