What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Building Rapport

Everything that you want is on the other side of a person.

Think about your business for a moment. Other people have money to buy your products. Other people have success stories waiting to come out. Literally everything you want from your business, will come from someone else willingly giving it to you.

But they need to be willing! See, people are doorways that only open from the inside. If you try to kick the door down they are just going to resist more. This is why manipulation or salesy tactics just don’t work.

Rapport is getting people to open up the door.

Rapport is total responsiveness from the person in front of you.

Most people only get rapport from people who are like themselves. But as network marketers we want to be able to create rapport with anyone. So here are a few tips I learned from Tony Robbins:

How to build rapport quickly with someone

1. Ask great questions (bad questions can drive people away)

But also realize that words are only 7% of our communication.

Our physiology is 55% of our communication. So the second way is to learn…

2. Learn and master matching and mirroring

I’m going to give you a bunch of tips on this subject below, but you’re also going to want to check out these two episodes on body language mastery:

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Tony Robbins’ tips on building rapport using matching and mirroring

First off understand that we do this naturally with people we are already in rapport with. If you are sitting down to eat you might notice that you take a drink at the same time someone else takes a drink. We do this very naturally.

Make sure to listen to the full podcast episode but here is a quick list of ways that you can match and mirror someone else’s physiology to build rapid rapport with them:

Matching and mirroring for rapport over the phone

  • Tone of voice
  • Tempo
  • Volume
  • Terminology

Matching and mirroring for rapport in person

  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Facial Expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Breathing
  • Touch
  • Proximity

Again, if you’d like even more guidance on the art of mastering your body to master your influence, check out these two previous episodes of the podcast:

Episode 26 – Body Language for Power Presenting

Episode 29 – Reading Your Prospects Body Language

Commit to mastery!