Mid Year Check In – Get Your Mind Right and Your Feet Moving!

Can you believe that over the next 2 weeks we are rounding the halfway mark for 2017?

Before you know it we’ll all blink and the holidays will be upon us.

In today’s episode I invite you to take a hard look at where you are at right now, in comparison with where you wanted to be when setting your new years goals. If you are where you wanted to be, keep consistent and 2017 is going to be an amazing year for you!

If you’re not where you want to be or feel stuck in a rut either emotionally or with your activity or motivation I invite you to recommit yourself.

The #1 reason our goals go to die…

Is without a doubt a lack of consistency in mindset or habits of activity.

And it’s not easy… I know.

Sometimes your brain want’s to be motivated but for some reason you’re just now am I right?

Sometimes feel a lack of motivation.

Sometimes it’s a lack of confidence and then even when you do try to grow your business, you’re in a state of lack, not the confident passionate state you need to be in to attract people to you and your business.

You see often times we need a clear vision first!

WE have to show up in the energy of already having what it is we want.

But how do you do that when all around you are reminders of what you lack?

Well you have to have a way to hack the brain, create a clear vision and remind yourself daily of exactly WHY and HOW you’re going to achieve your goals.

The greatest brain hacking tool to create consistency of mindset and habits

is the Ideal Life Vision Workshop.

I want to personally invite you to this online workshop with my Wife Seantay and I. Seantay is professionally trained in a process that I believe will completely change the course of your 2017.

Together we bring you this workshop as an offering. But through this tool we believe you can literally achieve anything you want in your business no matter where you are right now.

Go to this page to get all the workshop details and to join us.

Commit to self mastery my friend! You are worth it!


You can achieve anything you can believe but first you have to be able to conceive it.