Kenneth Todd on Building an Authentic Personal Brand

Hey guys i’m thrilled to be bringing you this unique interview with a mentor of mine Kenneth Todd. Kenneth is currently a personal branding and social media coach. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the network marketing profession

Kenneth was kind enough to offer my audience a free copy of his book How to Build Your Business on Social Media! It is pure gold. Enjoy!

Kenneth’s back story

Kenneth Todd Personal BrandI was fascinated to learn about Kenneth’s experience leading up to helping so many professionals in the network marketing space.

During a phase of his life when he had Lyme disease Kenneth was forced to turn to the online world as a way to continue providing for his family. He started by selling Jigsaw Puzzles and soon had friends asking him to help them with their websites. Things only grew from there.

A few years ago he got connected with and coached a distributor who became one of the top leaders in the network marketing industry (in large part through of her efforts online).

Why be mindful of your personal brand

We all have a personal brand. How conscious we are of it, and intention we are in shaping it can be a huge factor in our business success.

Kenneth talked about the power of being able to stand out from the tens of thousands of other distributors in your company. He talked about the importance of getting clear on your target market and how to really attract people to you that you WANT to work with.

Listen to the full episode for all of the gold nuggets Kenneth shared.

Then run grab your free copy of his book How to Build Your Business on Social Media! I personally devoured it right away.

Keep learning, keep growing!