How to Start Selling Your MLM Company’s Largest Kit

Today I want to help you have a break through. =)

I want to teach you how to consistently sell your MLM company’s largest kits.

WHY to sell your company’s largest kit?

Do I really need to break it down for you? 😉

What does it mean for them?

Bigger kit = bigger transformation. 

What’s going to help someone be more committed and empowered in their life transformation a big kit or little kit?

The correct answer is big kit… in case you got that wrong. haha

What does it mean for you?

When you AND your team can consistently close larger kits it’s going to help you drive more volume, get higher commissions, rank advance faster, build greater belief in people etc…

HOW do you get someone to WANT to buy the bigger kits?

I’m no fan of pushy or salesy tactics personally…

Tip #1 Most people will start where you start

Not always, but typically I see a pattern that the person who started with the $150 kit typically sells mostly $150 kits. The person who started with the $550 kit typically sells mostly $550 kits.

Why? Because people always ask “what did you start with?” then they factor that into their decision making process…

So explain this pattern to people that are coming on as builders!

They will want the bigger kits coming in behind them. <3 More transformation for everyone!

Tip #2 Don’t assume peoples financial situation!

You don’t want to assume peoples financial situation and even more important don’t assume their relationship with money! Don’t let your lack of belief or negative thoughts influence others negatively…

Tip #3 Guide the buy

At the close, present each kit. Say something like this:

“Alright, I don’t know any of your financial situations and I don’t want to assume so we’re going to cover all 7 of the enrollment kits really briefly.”

Always start at the biggest kit. Don’t skip it!!!

Then work your way down but don’t end at the lowest. End at the one you want to guide them to. 😉

Usually this should be a kit in the range of $500 – $1000.

Found this helpful? Share it with your team so they can learn how to start closing bigger kits right along with you. Imagine the possibilities!