Expert Secrets and Creating a Mass Movement of People by Russell Brunson

Hey guys, today I just wanted to share my absolute fan boyish review of the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Russell is someone that i’ve been following for awhile now and have been continually impressed with. There are two main things that attracted me to him as a mentor.

  1. He has achieved real results in business. This is really important to me in an online world full of business mentors who are broke. lol Know what I mean?
  2. He is an influencer of influencers. He is teaching people how to create a movement that’s bigger than just themselves and THAT is probably the most valuable thing you could learn as a network marketer.

In the book Expert Secrets Russell breaks down that every mass movement has three characteristics. Think about your network marketing company and ask if it has these three things.

1. A Charismatic leader – Someone that draws people in this could be a leader in the company or an upline leader. Network Marketing is like a factory for charismatic leaders. Here are four attributes a charismatic leader must have:

  1. Strong backstory
  2. Use parables
  3. Have character Flaws
  4. Have to be polarizing

2. The Cause – Doesn’t your company feel like it has a cause andĀ even a mission? What is the mission of your companies products. Think about that for a minute.. =)

3. The New Opportunity – A mass movement offers people a new path in some way. It’s obvious how network marketing companies provide a new opportunity.

Ok so stop reading my baby notes on the book and just grab the real thing here. haha Have a great day friends!