Caring as the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Caring in my opinion (and the opinion of business icons like Seth Godin) is one of the core things you HAVE TO do if you want to stand out from your competition. It gives you that edge and draws customers to you.

In today’s society we will pay extra money to have a good buying experience.

Isn’t that true for you?

I have this one restaurant for example where the food is good (not amazing) but I go back time and time again because of the way I FEEL when i’m there. I feel well taken care of and have fun while there!

How much do you care about your customers and team members? And more importantly do they KNOW it?!

If they do they will buy more from you and do more for you. =)

How to care more

At first I thought you probably just care or don’t care. But in truth i think caring can be genuinely created.

If you find yourself slipping into apathy try spending a few minutes every day in pure gratitude. Think about how grateful you are for each aspect of your life. You can do this through a practice like the Ideal LifeVision or through prayer and meditation.

How to outwardly express that you care

It’s really simple things that show people that we care. But remember that these little things can give us a huge competitive advantage.

  • Listen intently to their needs.
  • Be invested and interested in them.
  • Deliver criticism kindly.
  • Say thank you.
  • Give them your time and be available!
  • Create content and systems that serve them.

As you practice truly caring about people. You’ll be investing in long term success.

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