Ricky V on Using Incentives to Drive Team Growth in Network Marketing

Ricky-Villanueva-mlm-network-marketingToday you’re going to have the unique opportunity to listen in on a clip from an interview I did with Ricky Villanueva (Ricky V). Connect with Ricky on Facebook HERE.

In the episode Ricky shares his insights from his extensive experience in the network marketing profession. He shares how powerful it is to really take care of your people and drive your team through your vision, gratitude, team incentives and promotions.

My top tactical tip from Ricky was this:

Find someone new in your team who you know hasn’t done much. Ask them the question “Who do you have right now that is close to becoming your first customer or business builder?”

Then find a creative way to offer an incentive to encourage that person to get started. Doing this will build up that newer builders confidence and start driving growth in the depth of your team as well as obviously bring in a new customer.

Bottom line is -> Don’t hesitate to INVEST into your team with your TIME, MONEY, ENERGY.

Enjoy listening to the entire episode and if you’d like to connect with Ricky on Facebook you can HERE.


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