Creating Lists and Tracking Your MLM Prospects in Facebook

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If you’re a network marketer anything like me, you spend a lot of time using Facebook messenger!

I still answer plenty of phone calls texts and emails but messenger is the dominant way I communicate with people. Why? Well because people spend so much time on Facebook anyway!

If you want people’s attention, go where they’re spending their time. Kind of an obvious marketing concept right? =)

Creating Prospect Lists in Facebook (video tutorial below)

A cool feature in Facebook is the ability to create lists of people. I’ve recently set up a list for current prospects interested in my products, new customers and another for new builders i’m personally coaching.

The beauty of doing this I can very quickly at a glance see the list of people I should be connecting with on a daily basis and send them a message of some kind offering them education or just checking in.

You can’t take notes or anything like this but just having people organized is saving me a of time.

Customizing Your NewsFeed For Prospects

This also gives you the choice to customize your posts and let them be seen by just a specific list of people. 

I’m loving this customization option and the ability to control who in my audience / friends list sees what.

Here’s a little video showing you how to get started using this fun feature. =)