3 Paradoxes of Success in Network Marketing

To kick today’s episode off I want to share the idea with you that we tend to change our minds by saturating ourselves in positivity and personal development.

You may not have transformational breakthrough’s in every episode but as you consistently saturate your mind in personal development you can wake up after a month being a totally different person.

7 Paradoxes of Life

  • The more you hate a trait in someone the more likely you’re avoiding it in yourself.
  • People who can’t trust can’t be trusted.
  • The more something scares you the more you should probably do it.
  • The more you learn the more you realize how little you know.
  • The less you care about others the less you care about yourself.
  • The more connected we are the more isolated we feel.
  • The more available something is the less you want it.

3 Paradoxes For Network Marketers to Think About

Paradox #1 – You need to care deeply AND not care at all…

I shared in a past episode how caring gives you the ultimate competitive advantage. And it’s true! But funny enough the paradox is also true that we need to care deeply AND not care at all.

While you should always have a strong desire to share what you have with others, if they reject it your posture matters and your ability to not make it mean something about you is very important.

Paradox #2 – You are enough AND you need to become more if you want more…

This is an interesting paradox but think about it for a minute. You are enough while at the same time, you have to grow if you want more.

Both statements are equally true aren’t they?!

Make sure that you have a healthy balance of confidence that you can have success right now, while at the same time have that thirst to grow and expand your knowledge and skills.

Paradox #3 – The more you fail the more likely you are to succeed…

Not only does failure give you practice so you can get better and better at your craft, but increasing the rate of your activity will naturally increase the rate of your failure and help you get to the successes faster.

If one out of ten people say “yes” to learn more about your business. You can talk to one person per week and get 1 person interested every 10 weeks or you can talk to 10 people every day and get 1 per day!

Remember that success loves speed! The faster you fail the faster you will succeed. It’s an interesting paradox but it’s true!

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