Avoid and Diffuse Team Drama With These 6 Skills

Drama and gossip can dry up enthusiasm and sap the fun out of any team!

Network marketing is a relationships business. There are going to be people with strong personalities who disagree at times. And that’s okay. Diversity can bring strength if you let it!

Here are 6 skills to master for avoiding team drama, or diffusing it if it comes up.

1. Don’t EVER talk negatively about others behind their backs!

This has to be a law that you commit to. If you have a problem with someone you should definitely express it… but do it to them! And do it behind closed doors in a private setting.

2. Always seek to judge others by their intentions not their actions!

As much as you can, try to see what someones intentions are and you’ll find they are almost always well intended. This will help you see past any actions you don’t like and not confuse the person for their actions.

3. In difficult situations ask “what is this meant to teach me”?

There is always positive waiting to come out of negative situations. Find it! 😉

4. Be the guardian of your team culture!

This does NOT mean you walk around waving swords around ready to chop down anyone threatens your “team culture”. You yourself cannot protect a city (your entire team) with a sword. You protect a large city with WALLS!

Set up boundaries where needed. Be clear and tactful in expressing to a potential “threat” what is and what is not acceptable. Come to a state of agreement!

5. Kill em with Kindness!

I don’t think i’ve ever come across a situation where love and kindness would not have won the battle. Remember to always choose to act instead of simply reacting. Choose to act in love.

6. Get help when needed!

Sometimes you’re just stuck in a funk with someone and it seems easier to try to avoid it. Nope, not the way. =)

Instead find someone who is calm, unattached to the outcome and can moderate a crucial conversation.

Hope these tips help friend! As always reach out with any questions. <3