The Ultimate Facebook Group Strategy For Explosive Team Duplication

In today’s episode you’re going to learn how to use a Facebook group the RIGHT way to grow your network marketing business.

Getting your prospects in a Facebook group can be a great environment for your prospects to get educated and inspired by others testimonials in the group.

A mentor recently taught me if you treat your prospects LIKE they are customers they will become customers.

Tips for setting up your Facebook group

  • Make your group a closed group or a secret group so it’s more exclusive.
  • Create a pinned post that has the group rules and the main content you want people to see first.
  • Have your team members tag those they add below the pinned post so the new member reads it first.
  • Create a form that new members fill out that says who invited them, what they already know about your product topic and what they are looking to learn.
  • Encourage your team members to post 2 times per week in the group. Each time they post all of the people they added into the group will get a notification.
  • Facilitate a space where customers ask questions in the group if they have questions about your products.
  • Use this Facebook group as a conversion tool for leads you attract both offline and online.

Listen to the full podcast episode for the entire process for using this group for explosive team duplication.