15: Mastering Facebook Pages to Build Your Network Marketing Business

There are a few reasons why as a network marketer you definitely will want to create a Facebook page to market your business.

  1. There are well over a billion people actively using Facebook every month! Do you think your target market is on Facebook?… The answer is yes
  2. A Facebook page is a great place to grow an audience.
  3. Facebook has some truly amazing advertising capabilities (more on this to come)

Types of Facebook pages to promote your mlm business

I really encourage the people I coach and train to get creative when it comes to their pages topic. Here are three types just as examples:

  1. Company brand and product focused page

    This would basically be you creating a page and just posting about your company and it’s products. This definitely has worked for people, but I personally think there is a much better way. Get a little more creative and you’ll stand out from the hundreds of thousands of MLMers out there promoting their businesses on facebook.

  2. Create a niche specific page

    This is one step up. Let’s say you’re company sold weight loss products. Well a niche specific page would be you creating a page all about losing weight naturally, or fitness related, or talking about the science of weight loss, whatever you think your target market would like to learn about. The main difference here is that you set yourself up as an expert in others eyes by providing valuable content that isn’t about your company and you sprinkle in your companies products every once in a while. This works VERY well. Another type of niche specific page would be exactly what i’ve created with mine focused around network marketing training.

  3. The personal brand page

    This is my favorite of the three types. This is a page to promote your personal brand. Check out my wife’s personal brand page as an example. This is a fun type of page because you can talk about two or three topics that are important to you and you feel would attract your ideal target market. This is my favorite of the three types! Some people say, who am I to have a page called “Your Name”. I say who are you not to 😉


The power of Facebook advertising to promote your Network Marketing business

This is probably the main reason I love using a Facebook page to promote my products and opportunity. Facebook gives you the ability to target your ads to that exact person who is already out there looking for what YOU have to offer. This is a pretty complex topic, so to learn more make sure to register over at www.OnlineNetworkMarketingMastery.com for one of my upcoming free online workshops.

Good luck in your Facebook page endeavors!

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OUTLINE of this episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast:

  • [0:01] Matt’s introduction to episode 15!
  • [0:40] Invite to subscribe, rate and review the podcast / Go Pro books giveaway – CLICK HERE for details.
  • [1:29] Invite to check out our growing Facebook Mastermind Community
  • [1:52] Why you should think about running a Facebook page and what types could you create?
  • [6:06] Think about creating a blog that matches up with your Facebook page name and topic. CLICK HERE to learn how to set that up.
  • [7:00] Why your number of likes really doesn’t matter…
  • [8:15] The massive value in using Facebook ads!
  • [9:39] To sign up for my workshops on how to target your Facebook ads CLICK HERE.
  • [12:00] When you do advertising on Facebook, think long term!
  • [13:15] A few more generic tips for Facebook page posts.


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