41 Ways to Find New MLM Leads and Prospects

One of the most common complaints I get from newbie network marketers is “I’m running out of people” or “I just don’t have anyone else to talk to”.

My friends… (picture me taking a big breathe and staring at you right now.. mouth slightly open..)

Our planet has over 7.5 Billion people on it. Let me write that number out so you can see how big it is. Hold on…


You CAN and WILL find a few thousand willing to join your team if you’re willing to become a professional networker. Did you know that’s what you are? You are a professional network marketer that gets paid to expand your network and influence either online or offline. Then to convert that audience to a product or cause.

That’s what you do!

Today i’m going to give you a 41 ideas of HOW to find new people.

Now, while 41 ways makes for a great title to a blog post, it doesn’t make for good practical application so what I want you to do is pick 3 of these ways and commit to mastery!

Every single one of these ways will work. But you have to commit to mastery. Too many people hop from one idea to the next, from shiny object to shiny object and never get a result because they never mastered anything they pursued.

If you love Instagram for example, choose Instagram prospecting and work it UNTIL you get a result (aka a sign up), not to see IF it will work. Because I promise you there are people in your company using every one of these strategies to build successfully.

The difference between success and failure is the person, not the strategy. 😉

41 strategies for finding new leads and prospects for your Network Marketing Business:

Traditional Offline MLM Finding Strategies

1. Your personal contacts
Do not discount your warm market. I know some of you are saying “I just want to work with people I don’t know”… If you believe in your products and opportunity you will not withhold it from the people you love most. So don’t be selfish! Really you’re just afraid of rejection so if you’re new to network marketing, episode 5 of the podcast will teach you how to approach those closest to you in the most effective way.

2. Ask for referrals
Anytime someone says “yes i’d love to buy” or “no you’re crazy” or anything in between ask the question “who do you know who would be open to learn more about _________”

3. Get out and meet new people
If you feel like you’re “running out” of people to talk to in your warm market, go expand your warm market. Think of yourself as a professional friend finder. Don’t lead with the pitch. Lead with friendship. You can go to the gym, concerts, club, or anywhere else you find people who could genuinely become future friends.

4. Attend community events
There are topic specific community events happening in most decent sized city’s. Just google your city name and community events and see what comes up. As best you can, find events that your target market would be most likely to attend.

5. Hold a booth at a farmers markets
Episode 20 of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast will teach you how to rock this strategy.

6. Run a booth at an expo or festival
If you’re in a fitness company pony up some money for a booth at a big fitness expo and with some of the strategies in Episode 20 you could get enough contacts to keep you busy for a couple months!

7. Giveaway in a store or restaurant
Reach out to a local shop owner and ask if you can put a fishbowl or jar with a flyer at their checkout counter. On the flier ask people to fill out a little form or toss their business card into the jar to enter a giveaway. I’ve seen this work well when done right. Not a strategy I’ve personally used however.

8. Networking Events
Networking events are lame. I’m not a fan, BUT some people love them and know how to rock them! The key is to make sure that you focus on how you can help THEM with their businesses! Nobody comes to a networking event to learn about an MLM.. So don’t approach them with your company until later when the relationship is solid. Serve first!

9. Leave samples for your product in public places (get permission obviously)
This strategy is similar to the giveaway strategy above. I remember walking into a used kids stuff store recently and seeing a  distributor had left a bunch of little samples stapled to their cards. Might work, but definitely a tad too passive for me. =)

10. Teach free events
Health shops, libraries, universities and several other places often open up their space for free educational events. All you have to do is approach them with an education based event idea and they will likely promote it to their email list or at least let you put up a flier at the location to attract new people. I’ve done this with libraries and health shops successfully.

Great tools to meet new people locally

11. Meetup Website/App
Episode 24 of the podcast goes in depth on how to use Meetup to build your Network Marketing business.

12. Nextdoor App
Nextdoor is a social media platform that connects you with others who live in your same neighborhood. It’s pretty cool. Episode 75 goes in depth on this app. I’ve been using this one a lot lately!

13. Shapr
Is connected to Linked In and is a great way to connect with local professionals in your area.

Online prospecting strategies for MLM

14. Your personal Facebook profile
Episode 12 of the podcast talks about how to really maximize the benefits of your personal Facebook profile for building your business.

15. Facebook groups
Facebook groups can be a great way to find new connections. PLEASE do not just go pitching your products and opportunity in groups. You’ll never get a result doing this and it will just get you blocked. Instead start relationships! You are a professional friend finder! Start conversations and build rapport with people then when it’s the right timing approach them with what you have to offer.

16.  Linked in
Obviously linked In is a great platform to use to connect with professionals. I haven’t used it at all to prospect personally but I know many people that have.

17. Linked in groups
Same concept as Facebook groups. Look to connect, build rapport and deepen the relationship offline if possible before you go pitching people. Just be a normal human.

18. Instagram
I have a ton of training on Instagram over in my Online Network Marketing Mastery membership. We’ve had huge results using Instagram for both prospecting and pulling in leads (aka marketing).

19. Online forums
Find an online forum related to your product category (weight loss, fashion, makeup, holistic, mlm etc…) and become a valuable contributor who people trust for advice.

20. Reddit
Reddit will eat you alive if you’re not careful so proceed with caution lol but you will find genuine people looking for answers there as well.

21. Twitter
I’m also not a huge Twitter user but a bazillion people use it to pull in leads and to prospect. Definitely a topic to learn more about.

Content Marketing Strategies for Network Marketing

These content strategies are search related, meaning you can get your message in front of people who are actively looking for what it is you have, if you do it right.

22. Blogging
Definitely one of my favorite long term strategies. Imagine if your article came up every time someone searched “How to join _____ company” or “How to lose belly fat” or “How to succeed in MLM” into google. Super powerful.

23. Guest Blogging
Find popular blogs that allow for submissions and you can potentially get an article in front of their audience. From there you can draw them back to your website. Don’t try to convert people on someone else’s platform. Just knock their socks off with great content and pull them over to your website for more great content.

24. Podcasting
Obviously you know I love podcasting and it’s growing exponentially. People are actively searching for content and education in their podcast app 24/7 365.

25. Guest on podcasts
If you’re not ready to commit to doing your own podcast, be a guest on someone else’s. This strategy is similar to guest posting and is great for exposure.

26. Youtube channel
People search on Youtube all day long. Think about what others might be searching for and create content around those topics. I’ll be doing a bunch more training on this in the near future because it’s really starting to work well for us.

27. Guest on youtube channel
Similar to podcasting you can team up with other YouTubers and be a guest on one of their videos. Sometimes you have to pay, obviously you have to have some kind of value to contribute in return for the exposure.

28. Pinterest
Another great search related platform. If you already love Pinterest and spend a lot of time there, this is a MUST strategy. SO many people i’ve talked to are quietly recruiting like crazy through their Pinterest exposure.

29. Ebook in marketplace (like Amazon)
Create education in the form of an ebook and put it out on a massive search based platform like Amazon. You can even earn some side income. I have a full training over at Online Network Marketing Mastery breaking down how we have already pulled in over 10,000 leads and signed up 100 people from just one of our ebooks. SUPER gold mine here if you know what you’re doing.

30. Course in marketplace (like udemy)
Similar to the ebook strategy their are platforms where millions of people are looking to learn new info online. Create a course and publish it on one of these websites for more exposure.

These content creation ideas below usually require more time because there are not as many people actively looking for solutions on them, but they can be incredibly powerful as well!

31. Facebook Page
Episode’s 15 and 69 are a great place to start when looking at using a Facebook business page.

32. Instagram Account
Episode 18 will give you 10 tips to dominate on Instagram. This is another platform we have had a ton of success recruiting through and I have documented everything over at Online Network Marketing Mastery.

33. Attraction marketing
I’ll actually be explaining more about attraction marketing in the next podcast episode but essentially if you position yourself right online you can get people to reach out to you because you have a skill or result that they would like to learn. As an example people reach out to me on almost a daily basis now asking me how they can build their MLM business online. I offer mostly coaching, but some are not even a part of a network marketing company and end up joining my team to work directly with me.

34. Personal Facebook page
Don’t underestimate the power of creating great content even just on your personal Facebook profile. Add 5 new friends a day on Facebook and you’ll never run out of people seeing your stuff (until you hit 5,000 friends that is haha). The key here is to create lifestyle content, and to create curiosity about what it is that you do to pull people in. This takes a certain finesse but if you can figure it out it’s powerful for sure.

Advertising strategies for MLM

These are definitely more advanced strategies that I don’t recommend you try to conquer until you’re already having success in your business using some of the other strategies mentioned above.

35. Google PPC
The idea here is to get an ad in front of someone searching “How to join _____ company” or “New MLM opportunity” or “Buy _____ wholesale”. This strategy takes money and know-how. Please don’t go lose your shirt. But I do know people who have committed to mastery and sign people up weekly using this strategy.

36. Facebook ads / Instagram ads
I have an entire episode on Facebook ads: Episode 36. This is also one of my favorite strategies. It’s slowly becoming more and more competitive and pricy but definitely still works great.

37. Pinterest ads
Pinterest recently launched their ad platform. It’s cheaper than Facebook for now and is a great ad platform to master right now. I’ll be doing a lot more training on this in the near future.

38. Youtube ads
If you do a lot on YouTube already you should definitely learn YouTube ads.

39. Solo ads
This is my least favorite advertising method for Network Marketing specifically but it’s basically when you pay to send out an email to someone else’s email list.

40. Instagram shoutouts
You can actually pay Instagram account owners who have a large following to shoutout your account or a giveaway and grow your audience that way.

41. Classified ads
Not a favorite but it can still work. Once we offered free samples of our products in the free section of Craigslist and had 3 people take us up on the offer and one of them ended up coming to an event and signing up! You aren’t supposed to promote MLM opportunities in the jobs section of craigslist but you can offer free stuff without any issue. There are many other classified sites as well.

Okay that was a lot right?!

So here’s what I want you to do!

Remember that the jack of all trades is master of none SO, pick 3 of these strategies and commit to mastery! Not to see IF they work, but to do them UNTIL you get a result!

If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below and share it with your team members! You and they will never run out of prospects again!

You’re welcome, 😉

PS If you are intrigued by some of these online strategies you definitely need to check out the Online Network Marketing Mastery community and training. I think you’ll super dig it.