Attraction Marketing For Network Marketing

The definition of attraction marketing: A systematic approach to delivering valuable content to a targeted audience for the purpose of building trust and credibility with the audience. With this approach the audience becomes loyal before they become a customer.

Mike Dillard is credited with bringing the concepts of attraction marketing into effectiveness in the network marketing profession. From his teachings in his first book magnetic sponsoring, several companies and trainers were born and have built on his teachings.

Why is Attraction Marketing so powerful for MLM

We have all heard that people buy from those that they know, like and trust. Attraction marketing is one of the fastest ways to build that strong loyalty and trust in a large group of people.

When you think about it, you are probably one of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of distributors in your network marketing company.

Attraction marketing is one of the best ways you can stand out from your “competition” and attract people who want to work directly with you.

How does Attraction Marketing work for network marketers?

Ask yourself, who (that you don’t know personally) do you admire a great deal?

Typically we as a society admire actors, people that are great at sports, authors etc… Why are we attracted to these people?

Because they are really really good at something!

So the idea is that as network marketers if you can gain a specific skillset and be great at that skill! People will be attracted to working with you so they too can benefit from your knowledge and experience!

How can you become more attractive?

The 3 components of attraction marketing:

  1. Value – You have to have value  – in knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, skill set etc…
  2. Perception – You must be able to “package” that value in a way that is positively perceived/attractive to others.
  3. Awareness – You have to be able to get your the message of what you have to offer out to the public to pull people in (magnetically so to speak). .

In the podcast episode above, I break down in greater detail each of these three components and how to grow each one of them.