Selling Features vs Benefits

Hello my friends. In today’s podcast episode I share the why and how of selling benefits over features when talking about your network marketing products or opportunity.

Our tendency when talking to others about what we have to offer is to typically to sell features. But what people really want is benefits!

The truth is usually people don’t really care about much more than getting their desired result.

Example: .

While a customer my ask what their new cars gas mileage is going to be, the real reason they care about the gas mileage is the price they will have to pay each time they fill up their car! The potential savings is the benefit!

How do you sell benefits and not just features?

One of the best ways to sell benefits is to tell more stories and share more testimonials. When you highlight the real benefit to something you’ll notice people have a more emotional response.

And humans almost always choose to act based on emotion!

Examples of Features vs Benefits:

Feature = Gas mileage on a car.
Benefit = The amount of money you can save

Feature = Home delivery
Benefit = You don’t have to leave your home or change your schedule

Feature = The orac score of your network marketing company product
Benefit = ¬†Helps with the immune system, healthy skin, heart health etc…
And if you take it a level deeper it becomes how people FEEL by having those benefits!

See the pattern?

A side benefit of being benefit focused in Network Marketing

So obviously the biggest benefit is that focusing on benefits over features is going to stir up emotions and increase the percentage of people that buy from you. But beyond that there is a very important side benefit…


You see not everyone out there is going to want to master the science or complex features of your product or opportunity. BUT They can definitely tell stories and share testimonials!

Keep rocking friend!