What I would do to build MLM in just 1 hour per day

Many people are able to build their network marketing business to become their full time income.

But in the beginning, everyone starts by committing part time time and effort.

I often have people ask me, how can I build effectively if I only have 1 hour per day to commit to my MLM business. Today I share my answer. =)

What are the income producing activities for MLM?

The most important income producing activities for building your MLM business are:

  1. Invite people to learn more about your products or your business.
  2. Present what you offer to those you have invited.
  3. Enroll those you have presented to.

If you focus on these activities and help your people do the same you’ll see consistent grow.

Below i’ll break down what my daily goals would be if I only had 1 hour per day to commit to my business.

Daily personal development

As a quick side note, it’s super important you’re learning every day. Commit to listening to a podcast or audio book during your daily workout (also mandatory!) or during your commute to work.

How to build your network marketing business in just 1 hour per day

If I only had 1 hour per day to commit to my business this is how I would break it down.

1 night per week my hour would be dedicated to a home event or online event. Pick a night and commit to it whether 1 person shows up or 10 people show up!

It’s super important that you always have something you can be inviting people to participate in.

On every other day besides your presentation day commit:

30 min – Starting new conversations with people. With a goal to start at least 5 new conversations and follow up with others you are talking to. The goal is for the conversation to lead to serving them in some way and then inviting them to your upcoming event!

20 min – If I were you i’d spend 20 minutes creating content on a search based channel that could lead new people your way over time. Think of this as your investment into your business lead flow. An example would be to create a Youtube video each day on a topic relevant to your network marketing business. Ask yourself, what are people already searching for that I could answer?

10 min – I would then spend 10 minutes following up with people in my Facebook group (learn our Facebook group strategy here) to get them enrolled. As well as connecting with customers to make sure they are using their products, getting results and know they could get paid for referring their friends.

And that’s it! If you have any questions connect personally with me on Facebook and shoot me a PM. =)