YouTube For Network Marketing Growth

My wife and I have successfully signed up close to 200 people in our network marketing company using different online strategies. I’ve documented everything we’ve learned over at Online Network Marketing Mastery.

YouTube has never been my main focus for attracting people to us, but it’s becoming more and more significant every day.

There are a lot of great social media strategies, but one of the reasons I especially love YouTube is that it is a search based platform.

Why create content on a searched based platform.


You can leverage every single social media platform out there and get results for your network marketing business.

Contrary to what most people teach (who are likely just trying to sell you a course) there is no one perfect platform or way.

One of the reasons I would invite you to consider using YouTube as a part of your strategy is that it is a search based platform. Meaning people are actively looking for answers to their questions and if you can be that person, you can become the person people turn to, trust and even want to work with.

See I have YouTube videos that I made over a year ago that are still getting views and generating leads for our business a year later! Without me doing anything to promote them. How? Because YouTube is a search based platform.

Want to go deeper into YouTube marketing strategies for Network Marketing?

Network Marketing on YouTube

Every month I go more in depth on a topic i’ve mastered or am seeking to master when it comes to Online Network Marketing. Here are the details this months free live training:

Description: In this training you are going to learn:

  • How to use YouTube to attract people that want to work with you.
  • See behind the scenes of our two primary YouTube channels.
  • Strategies other network marketers are using with YouTube to build their businesses.
  • Ideas specific to different company categories i.e. skin care, oils, supplements etc…
  • And much much more…

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