Lessons From Aspire by Kevin Hall – Genshai and Ollin

This episode is inspired by the book Aspire – Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power of Words by Kevin Hall

In this book Kevin breaks down several words and their meanings including Genshai, Pathfinder, Namaste, Passion, Sapere Vedere, Humility, Inspire, Empathy, Coach, Ollin and Integrity. He also shares amazing stories about how he learned the meaning of each word and how it impacted him.

I thought I would share just two of these words with you and how I feel like they relate to our profession of network marketing.


The word Genshai means basically means that you should never treat another person in a way that would make them feel small. (including yourself!) You see, if you ever feel inferior to someone in any given setting, you’ll also feel superior to someone else in a different setting. So practicing Genshai, we get to treat others and ourselves in an abundant, positive and encouraging way.

Example of Genshai 

If you were walking down the street and threw a coin into the cup of a homeless person asking for money you would be practicing kindness, generosity and charity. But If you wanted to live in the true meaning of Genshai, you would get down on your knees on the level of the homeless man, look him in the eye and with both hands extend the coin while smiling. Can you imagine the difference in emotion, intention and love? That is Genshai.

Genshai For Network Marketers

Think about the emotion you feel when someone on your team doesn’t follow through with a commitment. It hurts right? Have you had that happen? I’m SURE you have! I’ve learned through experience that If you respond or reprimand that person in a way that would make them feel small, you are probably not going to like the result long term. Try practicing Genshai with your team members. Remember you can always teach, clarify and inspire without attacking, demeaning or degrading. Never treat someone in a way that would make them feel small. Make others FEEL BIG and they will rise to your expectations!



Kevin writes “When an earthquake or great storm shook the earth, the ancient Aztecs described the power with a single word – Ollin.” He then goes on to describe this word as “intense immediate movement”! He teaches that not only did they use Ollin to talk about the weather, but they also had a term that basically meant an Ollin Heart. This would mean that the person is fully committed and takes intense immediate action.

Ollin For Network Marketers 

Sometimes I hear people say “I’ll try this for a year and see how it goes” and really that’s fine.. BUT what would be so much more powerful and actually create success for them faster, would be to say “I’m going to do this. Period!”.

Instead of trying something to see IF it will work. Choose to commit to something UNTIL it will work. Whether that’s hitting a high rank in your company, mastering a new recruiting strategy for your business etc…


I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas from the book Aspire – Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power of Words by Kevin Hall. I definitely recommend that you check it out. =)


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